ZTG at the Movies: Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies

Yup, you read it right – Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies.  Not to be confused with the summer blockbuster Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, this little gem is from the Asylum – the movie studio that brought us other gems like Transmorphers, Battle of Los Angeles (not to be confused with Battle LA) and the classic Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus.  Asylum specializes in low-budget “mockbusters” that ride on the buzz of forthcoming Hollywood movies.

As expected, ALVZ has low budget effects, awkward period dialogue and bad acting.  However, beyond expectations, there were also some things to like about it.

  • Honest Abe deals out some serious, presidential ass-kickings.  Remember the Simpsons episode where Homer and Burns get trapped in a cabin and start to hallucinate and turn on each other?  Homer tells Burns, “Stay back!  I have powers!  Political powers!” And Burns hallucinates Homer being backed up by a variety of hostile-looking historical figures, including an Abe Lincoln swinging a chain overhead, going “Its showtime!”  Imagine a whole movie of that kind of Abe.
  • Abe dispatches zombies with a giant switchblade scythe.  When he’s not lopping off undead-heads, he folds it up and stashes it inside his long coat.
  • Abe leads a contingent of the very first agents of the United States Secret Service, behind confederate lines, to eradicate the zombie menace.  The kick-ass members of the original men in black squad all dress in black suits and pack Peacemakers.
  • There are tons of historical figure cameos – Abe encounters a plucky young zombie attack survivor named Teddy Roosevelt; enlists the gun-hand Pat Garrett and even John Wilkes Booth is a Confederate sleeper operative who’s infiltrated the Secret Service.  I love edutainment!
  • Abe yells “Emancipate THIS!” as he flies through the air, bringing his scythe down across a walker’s neck.

Anyway, if Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter has got you jonesing for an action flick where the Great Emancipator dispatches the undead, check out ALVZ.  Keep those expectations nice and low and you could be pleasantly surprised.