When Hornady unveiled its Zombie Max series of ammunition last Halloween, I initially thought, ‘oh great, another company cashing in on the whole zombie craze.’ The accompanying ad was appropriately cheesy, featuring some dude running from a herd of walkers. He rolls over the hood of a car for no apparent reason, pulls a tricked-out 1911 from a shoulder holster, lets out his best rebel yell and starts unloading on zombies, blasting away like he gets his ammo for free. He does the same thing with an M4.


In any case, I figured there was no way I was going to support this nonsense. But someone told me that Zombie Max is really just Hornady’s excellent Critical Defense ammunition, using FTX bullets but with a green instead of red insert in the tip.


Then a few days ago, someone gave me a box of 9mm, 115 gr. Zombie Max ammo. The box has got some pretty neat, old-school-horror-movie graphics and even comes with some helpful “tips” on defending oneself against the undead.

Overall, I actually thought it was pretty neat, and considering Zombie Max costs the same as Critical Defense ammo, there really isn’t any difference other than the fact that you get some cool packaging.

Of course, none of this changes the fact that this is an attempt to capitalize on the popularity of zombie-themed stuff, but in retrospect I could probably lighten up a bit, too.


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