Small enough to be carried as part of your EDC kit, but hefty enough to be used for heavy duty chopping and prying tasks that you would never want to use a knife for, the EOD Robotics Breacher Bar is a little like the infant offspring of a camp axe and crowbar. At 8.5” long, 1.25” wide and a little under .25” thick, the Breacher Bar is a straight piece of 1045 high carbon steel with a starter edge running approximately half its length and a chisel grind at the end. It does not come sharp – the starter edge is just that – a starter. However, the lack of a sharp edge makes the Breacher Bar the ideal candidate the kind of abusive tasks that would seriously damage a regular knife. The Breacher Bar also has four holes in the handle area, making it convenient to wrap with paracord.


My first impression of the Breacher Bar was how heavy it felt given its relatively small size. While not a whole lot bigger than my Ontario Knife Co. RAT 3 knife, the Breacher Bar weighs considerably more. This is a good thing. Despite its size, the Breacher Bar feels heavy enough to be used as a one-handed camp axe for splitting wood. The fact that it has a chisel at the end instead of a point, means it can also be used for prying.

So how does the Breacher Bar fit into your zombie survival scenario? First, as mentioned above, is its utility as a cutting/prying tool. We can’t all have an axe and/or crowbar handy, but the Breacher Bar is unobtrusive enough to go virtually everywhere with you (I don’t think TSA would let you take it on a plane, though). Second, the Breacher Bar could be used as a last-ditch weapon against walkers. Sure, its reach is limited, but its weight will work to your advantage in disabling a walker. Moreover, if you wrap your Breacher Bar handle in paracord, you can use that paracord to lash the Breacher Bar to a stick or pole. Suddenly you have added reach and greater leverage!

Downsides? The Breacher Bar is no replacement for a knife. Sure, you could always sharpen your Breacher Bar – there are even folks out there who completely re-shaped the blade so it comes to a point. But for me, I’d rather just get a nice sharp knife and keep the Breacher Bar more or less as-is. Give it too much of an edge, and you may affect its ability to take abuse with a smile.

Another downside? Because its made of high carbon steel, the Breacher Bar may be prone to rust. Be careful in particular if you wrap it in paracord, as you won’t have a convenient way to clean the surface that’s been wrapped. Still, so long as you take care to wipe down your Breacher Bar every so often, and don’t leave it exposed to the elements for long stretches, it should hold up pretty well. This one was packed in my go-bag for over a year without seeing the light of day, and has held up with only a few spots of rust.

Countycomm is currently selling the Breacher Bar (this is the mid-sized version) for $9.00. At this price, you can afford to have several and keep them stashed everywhere for just-in-case.

20111219-202250.jpgMade in the USA!

20111219-202256.jpgNote – that isn’t rust on the edge; its dirt.  I was hacking at some wood with it and couldn’t quite get the edge clean.

20111219-202301.jpgThe Breacher Bar isn’t much bigger than the RAT 3.  Yet its heavy enough to chop with and can take major abuse.

20111219-202307.jpgWrap the handle with paracord and voila! You have a working handle that you can also use to tie things! (like the Breacher Bar to the end of a pole)


  1. You might want to check on EOD Robotics/County Comm. I recently placed an order with them and never received the items. When I tried to contact them via email, I received no response. When I tried to contact them via phone, it said the number had been disconnected. It think they may have gone out of business.

    • Thanks for the info! Anyone else out there experience similar problems? I see their website is still up, although it looks like it may not have been updated in a while.

      • When it comes to self defense weoanps well .there is NO SUCH THING in Australia. Any knife you have on you must be for work purposes only .no other reason.Carpenter, chef, scout, fisherman .that sort of thing. If you use a knife in self defence and the other person has no weapon or anothrer knife even tho you did the rigth thing you could still be charged with going armed in public. If you used a knife that you had on you for work well they may be lenient on you. its complex.

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